V-Spurs Show

Jun  24 2018

Next Show - Walnut Grove Park - June 24 2018.  

Registration opens at 8 am , please come early if you have not pre-register for the show!

Show Season 2017/2018 Has started with a Great turn out with 45 plus riders!!!
Welcome back to the V-Spurs information center!!!!

Thanks to all of our awesome V-Spurs riders and families for making the first show so good! we also had lots of new members All had a great time thanks to all for your support.  

Good ground. Fast horses. Great friends. Good times. 

All things we love to share with you all.

Don't forget the 

Club and Food Update

Updated coaching rules from the board. Per the new board policy, coaches are allowed to coach their students on the course provided they are at least 15 feet from the horse and are on the "active" side of the timer-line when the horse and rider enter the arena. This allows coaches to provide verbal assistance and support to their students. Ask a judge if you have questions or need clarification of the new rule. 

No Food Dood truck for this weekend please bring your lunch!
Drinks, including sodas, water and coffee, will be available at the show so come hungry and enjoy some good food with your friends and family.

Show Events

Speed Barrels*
Single Stake
Figure 8 Stake
Figure 8 Flags
Poles 1
Keyhole (makeup Class)

Request for pictures

To all V-Spurs members:

We want to update the website pictures and are in need of shots of our athletes doing what they do best. 

If you have any pictures from this seasons events, please forward them to our webmaster, Bob , so he can update our website!!!

Thanks to all for your help and continued support of our V-Spurs riders. 

To all V-spurs Riders and Families

A reminder that all pre-entry forms for shows, needs to be emailed to Shannon no later than the Wednesday before the show! At this time we cannot accept fax entries but use email, scanners or photos! Remember all Pre-entries will receive a raffle ticket to win a free show! 

Registration opens at 8 am , please come early if you have not pre-register for the show!

Danny's Record Setting Run on Hurry Scurry , What a team , Great Job Danny!!!!

Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. It is one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian sports in the world. This is a fact growing sport of which anyone at any age can join. Riders earn a variety of awards through participation in these 13 times events. Some events favor speed, some events favor skill, either way what's better than spending a day with your horse.

In a fun environment filled with support and encouragement.

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