Riders under 18

All riders under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet while on their horses. This includes sitting along the rail watching other events or riding to and from trailers for tacking and horse care. Riders over the age of 18 may ride without a helmet but must make sure to sign the release portion of he registration form. 

Horse care

CGA and V-Spurs have very specific regulations about care of your athletic horses. 

While riding, it is allowable to use a crop, quirt, over-under or whip to motivate your horse. 

Per V-Spurs/CGA requirements, you may only use these items behind the cinch. Any blows or strikes to the animal in front of the cinch is not allowed and may result in disqualification from an event for repeatedly using your whip in front of the cinch

A reminder about the V-Spurs dress code

It's the requirement that all V-Spurs participants wear a shirt with a collar that uses buttons or snaps to close the shirt. Zippered shirts are not allowed. If the shirt is long sleeved, then it must be worn with sleeves down regardless of the weather condition (heat, cold). 

If you have questions about clothing requirements, feel free to ask a judge. 

Judges Corner

Looking for new Judges, ask any of your Judges on how to get started


Updated coaching rules from the board. Per the new board policy, coaches are allowed to coach their students on the course provided they are at least 15 feet from the horse and are on the "active" side of the timer-line when the horse and rider enter the arena. This allows coaches to provide verbal assistance and support to their students. Ask a judge if you have questions or need clarification of the new rule. 

Welcome to the new V-Spurs Club News page

Check here for announcements from the board about V-Spurs policies, news and information. 

Preparation to ride

All riders are expected to be at the gate when called to ride. Riders should be prepared to enter the gate by remaining in the gate area while their division is running a pattern.  

A reminder about the V-Spurs code of conduct

Please remember, there is no alcohol allowed at

V-Spurs shows or on the grounds of Walnut Grove Park. 

People found to have alcohol will be asked to remove the beverages or leave the park. Riders found to have been drinking at the time of their participation in a V-Spurs show will be disqualified from that show and asked to leave the park.