Form Instructions - You will need Adobe Reader 

  1. Click on the form link.  The form will open in a new window or tab in your browser.
  2. Rename and then Save the form to your computer (Click the Save Icon, use the File Menu, or key CTRL +S) 
  3. Reopen the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader and fill in all the values in the form. 
  4. Open your e-mail account create a new email and attach this file.Go to where you saved the form and click attach.
  5. Now comes the easy part. Next month you do NOT have to fill in the form ALL over AGAIN!
  6. Open the Form - Select the Reset Rides Button.

Select the new Events and save the file with a New Name and follow the same steps above to send to the show

Secretary - Shannon

V-Spurs 2-day shows

Stalls fill up quick, Mail these in at least a month in advance

At this time, we are not able to accept faxed registration forms, as we no longer have a fax machine. 

Please make sure to email your forms or text your registration information to Shannon.