Hello V-Spurs Members,

 As many of you know last season the V-Spurs BOD and Youth Coordinators
raised money to send our members to CGA State Finals. We are excited to
announce that we will be doing this again for the 2015/2016 season. This is
available to any V-Spurs member that meets the following qualifications.
Any age or division is able to apply. That’s right. That means adults too!

In order to qualify this season you must...

  •  Have a “working” V-Spurs membership


  •  Are a member in good standing throughout the season


  •  Attend enough shows to qualify for V-Spurs 2017/2018 year end awards


  •  At a minimum of 4 shows, must you, yourself not a parent or friend must help out with a specific task to be determined at the show. **SEE Lori AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW FOR DETAILS

Volunteer to work ONE of the following events:

  1. One of the V-Spurs work parties and stay for a lengthy amount of time. (dates will be posted to the V-Spurs website and Facebook page as they are determined)
  2. Help facilitate any activities for the youth at either 2 Day show for V-Spurs
  3. Help represent V-Spurs at the San Marcos ChristmasParade (Contact Lori Hall- McNary for more details)
  4. More options may be available at a later date

Once your volunteer time has been completed you will also be required to write a small blurb about yourself, your horse, and why you want to attend the 2016 State Finals Show. In May we will be sending out more information regarding what you are required to write. 

All of the qualifications above will be adjusted due to rain if need be.
If you have any questions or concerns about the sponsorship or anything discussed in this letter please contact: Lori