CGA has a variety of Year-End Award programs to fit riders and horses of any level, from Future Champion to Hall of Fame. Review the list below to determine the Awards Program that best fits your needs. The Awards Program is explained in Section 3 of the CGA Information Manual.

Hello V-Spurs, 

Attached you will find the list of V-Spurs year-end qualified riders. Here is how it works: 

*If you are highlighted in yellow, you have completed 7 or more shows and are Qualified for year-end. 
*If you are listed with a 1 in the shows needed column, you need to ride four or more events at this weekend's show.  
*If you are listed with a 2 or higher in the shows needed column there are a couple of options you may fall into. 
   • You did not ride at enough shows to complete the 7 show requirement for year-end. (Come back and see us next season.) 
   • You changed horses due to an injury to your horse and we did not receive a vet note. (Get us a vet note and we can correct this.) 
   • You changed horses because of a concern for safety <i.e. too much horse for the rider> (Email me with a petition to the board and we can correct this.) 
   • You changed horses due to circumstances outside of your control <i.e. trainer sold horse, death of horse, etc.> (Email me with a petition to the board and we can correct this.) 
   • You rode multiple horses for the excitement, fun, and joy of it. (I can't help you. But it was totally fun, right!) 
*If you have an asterisk (star) next to your name, you have ridden with us this season but are not a current V-Spurs member.

If you have any questions about your standings regarding year-end qualifiers,

please email Shannon

Requirements to Qualify for Vallecitos Spurs, CGA District 33 Year End Awards

  • Minimum of 7 Shows
    • Must Ride at least 4 event for a show to count
    • Two day shows each day counts for a show (1 day Saturday + 1 day Sunday = 2 Possible counted show days)
    • Those who are qualified will be posted on this page starting in May

The Shasta Memorial "Heart of a Champion Award" ~ Rider that has experienced something challenging and has continued on or overcome with the "Heart of a Champion"

Most Improved Horse/Rider combination Adult and Youth ~ a combination of horse and rider coming together and improving beyond expectations during the current show season.